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First Foot Guards

HRH The Duke of Gloucester & Edinburgh
First Foot Guards

The portrait hangs in the National Army Museum in London.
Our sartorial expert comments, " The uniform has 1" wide bias and stand gold lace, as opposed to the 3/4" lace worn by the rest of the officers."

National Army Museum

William Henry, third son of Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751), 
was born 1743 at Leicester House, London.
His Royal Highness died 25 August 1805 at Gloucester House, Piccadilly, London, and was succeeded by his only son, William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester.
He was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

     On 27 May 1762 his royal highness was elected a knight of that most noble order at a chapter of the Garter held at St. James's, and was installed at Windsor on 25 September, with the king and queen present.

 On 17 November 1764, his majesty was pleased to grant to him the dignities of a duke of the kingdom of Great Britain, and of an earl of the kingdom of Ireland, by the names, styles, and titles, of Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh of Great Britain, 
and of Earl of Connaught in the kingdom of Ireland.

     On 28 June 1766 his royal highness was appointed colonel of the 13th regiment of foot. On 6 January 1768 , he was constituted a major-general of his majesty's forces, and colonel of the third regiment of foot guards. 

In March 1770 he was promoted to the rank of major-general with command of the First Regiment of Foot Guards.

He followed Field Marshal Sir John Ligonier (later Lord Ligonier) as Colonel of the Regiment.
He was succeeded by HRH Frederick Augustus, Duke of York & Albany, 
who was succeeded by Sir Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.

On 25 May 25 1772, was advanced to the rank of general of his majesty's forces, and afterwards to the rank of senior field-marshal.

      His royal highness was married on 6 September 1766 in Pall Mall, London, to Maria Walpole, daughter of Sir Edward Walpole KB, and widow of James, Earl of Waldegrave. 
Their children were:
      1. Princess Sophia Matilda, born 29 May 1773.
       2. Princess Carolina Augusta Maria, born 24 June 1774, died 14 March1775, and was buried in St. George's chapel, Windsor.
       3. Prince William Frederick, born 15 January 1776.

Fort William Henry was named for him in 1755 during the French and Indian war.

Fort William Henry

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