First Foot Guards

Pictures of our regiment
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organized by regimental structure, 
to explain the differences in the uniforms


Lady Middleborough & Lt.Glenn Cunningham
See 'The Gorget '(British Brigade publication) 


At Harborfest 2001
Pvt Marsden encourages a young tourist to join the Battalion.
You can see the first Foot Guards every year at Boston's Harborfest. 
It's a good time to see us in action, and to get your questions answered.
Link to Harborfest site: Click

At the Battle of Lexington
Lt-Col Bentley leads the Guards away from the Green.

GGA at Lexington
The Grenadier Guards Association is a society of former soldiers of the regiment (the real-life warriors!)
The First Foot Guards hosted a visit of these worthy men and their ladies in 2001. 
You see us here on the green at Lexington, MA. September 2001.

GGA at Lexington
Members of the First Foot Guards parade for the GGA.
On the green at Lexington, MA. September 2001.


Guards at Quebec
The lads form front, ready to do battle with those Frenchies.


Guards at Quebec
Officers confer.